Cable Production

Used cable production machinery

There are many different types of cables. For each different type, different machines are required in the production process. Some cable types are for example:

  • power cables
  • control cables
  • communication cables
  • heating cables
  • signal cables
  • etc.

Almost all production processes start with the insulation of a single core of wire or fibre to receive a single conductor. This is done with core extrusion lines, which are optimised for high line speeds. Then several of these are assembled together suing bunching machines of several different types like single- or doubletwist bunchers, planetary-, rigid- or tubular starnders stranders. For some cable types a shielding or armouring is applied to the stranded cable either with braiders or taping machines, or both. Finally the finished cable is covered with the outer sheath in a sheathing extrusion line. These lines tend to be slower than core lines, as they need to handle more material than core lines due to the bigger diameters and cross sections. Extrusion lines consist principally always of the same components, where only the extruders and curing process unit have different principles according to the used material (PVC, PE, rubber, silicone, FEP (Teflon)). These components are:

  • pay-off
  • extruder
  • section for curing process (water cooling line, vulcanization tube, infra-red oven, ...)
  • capstan
  • accumulator
  • take-up

In the cable production section you can find used machinery covering all aspetcs of this process.

Used Extruder

With a used extruder the cable industry applies plastics resp. polymeres like PVC, PE, PTFE, Teflon, Silicone, etc. to a single bare wire or a composite of already insulated conductors to create a cable. Important for the output of an extruder is the screw diameter and the length of the screw. While the diameter is given im mm, the length is mostly defined by a multiple of the diameter. For example a 60 mm 20 D extruders screw length is 1200 mm. A used extruders basically consists of a motor, a gear box, a barrel and the screw so principally used extruders are rather simple machines. Especially older machines are often constructed in such massive ways, that they practically never wear if they are maintained correctly.
Used extruders are often used to replace machines in existing extrusion lines, for example to increase the capacity, resp. speed of the line or add another coating in 1 prodcution run.