Secondhand ferrous wire products machinery

Ferrous wire products refers to everything made from steel or iron wire. This is mostly everything made from metal which is not flat or massive, like:

  • nails
  • springs
  • fence
  • screws
  • rope
  • etc

Most products are produced in several steps, but the initial material is always just wire.

Used mesh welder

With a used mesh welder one can create wire constructions like fences or mesh matts for concrete. To do so, cross-wires are being welded on longitudinal wires in pre-defined spcings. The lengths wires can, like the cross wires, be pre-cut and straightened to length, or can be hauled off a wire coil, to create infinite length rolls of mesh. Important production parameters for mesh wleders are the maximum welding width and the diameter of wire than can be used.

Wire Straightening and Cut-off machine

With a straightening and cut-off machine wire off coil is being straightened and cut to specific lengths to create a bar. These wire bars are then used to create for example welded wire mesh. Straightening and cut-off machines are available for a vast diameter range, starting at few millimeters in diameter up to over 20 mm. Most famous producer for straightening and cut-off machines is WAFIOS located in Reutlingen, Germany.

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