About us

Used machines for the wire and cable industry

We are a world-wide operation specialised in dealing used machines for the wire and cable industry since 1983. On this website you will find a large selection of second hand machinery such as:

  • Extruders and Extrusion Lines
  • Bunchers and Stranders
  • Braiders
  • Wire Drawing Machines, ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Straightening and Cut-off Machines
  • etc.

Please click "Machinery Stocklist" and you will find a large variety of used machines in good running condition. They are all immediately available and can be inspected at any time in our Witten warehouse. Price information will be given by using the E-mail link under "Price enquiry" on your right hand side.
Parallel to the sale we are of course always interested in buying used second hand machines. Just offer us your surplus equipment ! We always pay 100% before pick-up. Please use the "Contact" link to send us some details about your machines resp. do not hesitate to ask for machines which might not be listed.
As we have been working in the used machinery business worldwide for more than 30 years now we know our business thoroughly. For this reason you can always be sure that all offered machines and equipment are in a very good condition. Our customers can benefit from an immediate availability of machines.

Our 5000 m² warehouse space has a crane capacity up to 50 tons!
Please have a look at our warehouses:

Warehouse 1
Warehouse 1